Built in 1917, the Wigwam began as a private resort getaway for local businessmen and their families. It became incorporated in 1918 and was turned into a night club in connection with the local Klimek’s Lodge. It exchanged hands again in 1947, when most of the remodeling began to include the Main Lobby as it is today and the upstairs lodge rooms. Additions over the years include the expansion of the Main Bar and kitchen area, and more than a dozen cabins on the property. Tom Briggs purchased the resort in 1998, he added the Cabana Bar and many of the independent structures throughout. Mark Ward purchased the resort in December of 2014, and has plans to expand the RV park, dock systems, build new cabins, and remodel some of the existing cabins.  One of the more senior resorts on the point, Wigwam Resort continues to thrive as one of Lake of the Woods’ most active getaway destinations and guided fishing, tourism hot spots.