Fishing Report: 3-8

Good morning fishermen!

We are having a heat wave! We dipped down to 37 today, from close to 50 yesterday! We’re expecting some light rain today, and will get down to 25 tonight, making for some slick roads! So drive carefully! The forecast after Wednesday has us back up towards the 50’s, with this Saturday close to 60! Yes, in case you forgot with the mild weather, it IS still March!

As you can imagine with the warm temperatures, the ice outlook is not looking favorable. We are planning on fishing our guests this weekend, so long as safety doesn’t become an issue. If you are fishing with us this weekend, and are concerned about the ice conditions, don’t worry, we will call you if something changes.

Fishing Report: We are doing well about 11 miles out on the south side in 35′. The roads are very wet out there, but the ice seems to be holding pretty well. They are biting on pink & white, and glow red, and jigging seems to be most effective.

River Report: As of yesterday, the river was open 10 miles east of Birchdale. Our guide, Mike, went out to see where we were sitting. Birchdale sits at mile marker 156, and the river was open to 166. He said that there are open spots on either side of the rapids, and said we may see Frontier open before Birchdale does.

We will keep you up to date on ice conditions!


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