Catch of the Day: 1-10-17

We have had some really good fishing the last week or so.  More and more fish with some size to them!  We’ve moved our houses out to 30-36′ of water.  Glow pink, and white seem to be doing well.  We have anywhere from 17-20″ of ice.

Most of our weekends are full until March, but we do have midweek openings for fishing trips.  Plus, we’ll give you a sweet 15% discount on your midweek trips!

Give us a call and book today!  1-800-448-9260

“Perch was caught Connie Fuerstenberg from Knapp WI.
The 24 inch walleye caught by Connie Fuerstenberg with help from daughter Rhyenne Fuerstenberg
Thanks Wig Wam.”

connie-f-24-walleye connie-f-perch










Road updates:

“-Ice Road Update-These below 0 temps are just what we need! We’ve opened our road up to 3/4 tons hauling up to 20′ wheelhouses! We’re finding anywhere from 16-21″ of ice on our roads…”

****Ice Road Report****”Good Morning!! Our road is now open to 3/4 ton trucks and smaller and up to 20 foot wheel houses.”

“Starting Sunday Jan 1st we will be letting 1/2 ton trucks pulling up to 17 foot wheel houses and smaller vehicles pulling up to 21 foot wheel houses. 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks can drive out not pulling wheel houses. “

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